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  • Ornamentika №1 - karikagyűrű
  • Rococo №1 - karikagyűrű
  • Rococo №2 - karikagyűrű
  • Inda - karikagyűrű
  • Kalmük - karikagyűrű
  • Ornamentika №1 - karikagyűrű
  • Rococo №1 - karikagyűrű
  • Rococo №2 - karikagyűrű
  • Inda - karikagyűrű
  • Kalmük - karikagyűrű

Wedding Rings decorated with floral ornaments.

In this group the rings were decorated with ornaments resembling flowers and combined with gold alloys of various colours.

We gladly offer our advice in making unique patterns and thoughts a reality. Should you have a favourite motif that you’d want to wear on your wedding ring contact us and we will show you how it would look like in reality.

Tulip wedding Bands

This collection was born from fragments and ornamental thoughts of our rich folklore, using our own imagination.
The most common elements of design in this collection are the heart and the tulip.
Long ago, these two symbols were joined together, decorating gifts of affection. The tulip symbolizes the woman, whilst the heart symbolizes the man.

Árgyélus - karikagyűrű
Árgyélus № 3 – Wedding Band
Firhang - karikagyűrű
Firhang № 2 – Wedding Band

jegygyuru-enAffianced Wedding Bands

First of all please allow us bring order into the world of marital jewellery names and terms.

Let us begin with paired jewellery,
which we can call wedding rings.

Engagement rings, however, are mostly for the women, containing a diamond or other precious stones. This is the type of ring the groom uses to ask for the hand of his loved one, and we often refer to it as an escort ring.

We’d like to present to you what sort of shapes, techniques and ideas are used to create our jewellery, and how to sort them into individual groups. We’ll explain these groups each in short, but detailed info boxes, giving you some interesting bits of knowledge as well, so you can feel even more inspired while thinking about your own.

rococo-karikagyuruIn the case of jewel pieces, we can give a rather lovely composition by choosing the right alloy as base material. Choosing the colour can be vital in the means of fashion. To some, yellow tinted alloys is the better choice, while there are others whose skin makes red tinted metals look best. This is completely personalized, and strangely the fact that some jewels look best with one particular colour scheme is too. For the decoration of our wedding rings, we use only small diamonds, mainly brilliant and princess (rectangular shaped) rough samples.

For the more daring of men, we gladly recommend using precious stones, since they are not only the privilege of women. Amongst our male customers, the so called cognac coloured diamond is a popular choice, which has a really masculine appearance when refined into a square shape. To women, the smaller, snow white coloured sparkling multitude is the one that appeals in general, making a wide selection of variants available.

Based on the information above, it is clear that the frequently asked questions about making jewellery are quite versatile.
For the truly and completely successful execution, utmost cooperation is required between the customer and the jeweller.

In our jewellery, we help our Guests find the best solutions with the experience of decades, making the joy they receive to last for long years, bride and groom alike!