Wedding ring price categories

For factual prices regarding our items, please mark the chosen item as “favourite” – Six pieces maximum – then choose the “Exact price of my favourites” option, or contact us via phone or email. Thank you!

Sizes determine the amount of needed material, and the build, width, number of precious stones and so on can be formed to fit the conception. As the exact sizes and wishes determine the price we can calculate it only when we take your order.
For your information here you can find the price categories.

For personal designs and further questions, please contact us: or: +36 70 378 05 70

Wedding ring price categories:

affianced Friendly

From 190 000 HUF/pair
With provided gold
from 153 000HUF/pair
For example, these wedding rings:
Friendly wedding rings: 191.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 153.000 HUF
Barocco Classic no4 wedding rings:374.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 260.000 HUF
Fantasy no3 wedding rings: 399.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 285.000 HUF
Rhombus wedding rings: 456.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 380.000 HUF


From 475 000 HUF/pair
With provided gold:
from 390 000HUF/pair
For example, these wedding rings:
Dream wedding rings: 479.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 398.0000 HUF
Dune wedding rings: 498.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 416.000 HUF
Barocco Full no4 wedding rings:
583.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 459.000 HUF
Kacor no2 wedding rings: 637.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 475.000 HUF


From 750 000 HUF/pair
With provided gold:
from 600 000HUF/pair
For example, these wedding rings:
Raffaello no3 wedding rings: 773.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 635.000 HUF
Barocco Bold no6 wedding rings:
896.000 HUF
– with provided gold: 663.000 HUF
Aurora no2 wedding rings: 854.000 HUF (with moissanite gemstones),
– with provided gold: 702.000 HUF
Tulipán no8 wedding rings: 1.355.000 HUF
–with provided gold: 1.127.000 HUF