Engagement ring price categories

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A female ring can be designed in several different price categories, depending on its decoration and the precious stone used.
The price of our solitaire rings made with diamonds starts form 85 000 HUF + VAT. Our rings can be designed with other, colourful precious stones, for example topaz, tourmaline, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine and olivine. In these cases lower prices can be expected.

For personal designs and further questions, please contact us: ekszer@affianced.hu or: +36 70 378 05 70

PRICE CATEGORIES for engagement rings made with diamond or other precious stones:


from 134 000 HUF
Sober looking classic engagement rings with diamonds or other gemstones.
Engagement rings for example, the following:


from 300 000 HUF
Finely crafted graceful engagement rings, decorated with diamonds.
Engagement rings for example, the following


from 500 000 HUF
Special designed and richly decorated women’s jewelry with a large central diamond. Engagement rings for example, the following: