As our customers’ convenience is very important to us personal consultation is possible only after registration by e-mail os phone!

Opening hours:
Monday: 9-17
Tuesday: 9-19
Wednesday: 9-17
Friday: 9-15

Registration: (+36) 70 378 05 70


From Tuesday to Friday, from 11 to 18 o’ clock. On Saturday once a month according to demand.
Our customer service provides an hourly schedule.


1093 Budapest Lónyay street 37/A.-B. We are 1 minutes away from the “Zsil utca” station of the 2 Tram. For car drivers, it’s the best to know that Lónyay Street and around, parking is simple and free. You can find a map in the contact us section. Map is here!

Our shop is not a classic one, where guests can choose from a given collection of ready-made jewels, but a workshop, where all items are made based on the customers’ needs.

Our finished products, made of silver or alloy steel are helpful for our guests to familiarize themselves with what we have to offer, by checking them out on our website. Based on these, golden jewels are made upon order.

The initial thought of a new item’s design is being formed during consultation, with the help of showcased models. This usually takes 1 hour, so we advice preparing for this in advance.

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The deadline for preparing wedding rings:
On average 4-8 weeks from the deposit.
In case of a shorter deadline, the request can be done with an extra charge.

Deadline for Engagement rings preparation:
On average 3-6 weeks from the deposit.
In case of a shorter deadline, the request can be done with an extra charge.

We can provide information about the current preparation time by phone at 0036703780570 or at the email address

The deadline for the implementation of personalized designs always depends on the task and is subject to personal consultation.

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The noble metals used for a jewel take up a fair amount of the final price. This amount can be spared if our customers can place enough stock at our disposal (the colour of the brought metal is not necessarily the same as the finished product’s colour. It can be different, or even mixed).

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in case of an order advance payment is necessary, which means 25-50% of the final price.

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1. Select the jewelry from our web site.
2. Please contact us by email: or phone: 00 36 70 378 05 70. If you need a skype contact, please make an appointment with us. Our skype name is: affianced
3. Following the consultation, please visit a jewelry store near to you and  take down the size of your fingers. After that we keep contact by email and discuss the details. To order, an advance payment is required. The amount of the advance payment is 50% of the purchase price that you able to transfer us. If the amount is received in our account we begin the preparation of  the selected jewelry.
4. We can start to prepare the jewelry. When we finish, we will send you a picture. If you are satisfied with the sight, please transfer to us the other 50% of the purchase price. If the transfer arrives to our account we send the jewelry (it takes about 1-2 days ).
5. If you have any problem with the jewelry, you can send it back, we solve the problem and after we deliver you the jewelry again.

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Payment can be made in cash, credit card or by transfer.

Bank transfer informations:
Forint account
Bank address: 1095 Budapest, Boráros tér 7.
UNICREDIT BANK, name: Affianced Ékszerészet Kft.
Credit card number:10918001-00000047-05600008
IBAN: HU90109180010000004705600008
Chamber of records: JA64725873

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We’re handing over our jewelry in proper exclusive packaging with warranty card and certificate.


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Our trademark is the master signet found in our jewellery, which authenticates our work alongside the stamp. We guarantee the quality of used material and crafting by hand, and the strength of the precious stone sockets. After the mandatory 1 year warranty contract, the jewellery offers to partake in the payment of replacing missing stones in the item – given that it is presented for maintenance every year. This offer can go up to 30% of the price, the maximum of 50,000 HUF.

Besides the warranties, we give further services with our products: adjusting the size of rings given as gifts is free, (within 3 months) complete renewing, cleaning as requested.

For more information, please take a look at the frequently asked questions.

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Affianced Ékszerészet Kft.
Site: 1093 Budapest Lónyay u. 37/A.-B.
Headquarters: 1097 Budapest Drégely u. 6-8 A 603
Tax Number: 24792013-2-43
Proprietorship Number: 01-09-182635

Web hosting:
Net4U Kft.
Budapest, 1142. Komáromi út 39.

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