About ordering jewelry online

Because Affianced Jewelry designs it makes personalized, custom-designed jewelry, it’s can work a little differently than a traditional webshop.

To make online ordering complete as possible for our Dear customers, we would like to present the process in the following.

1. Jewelry selection, quotation request

Select the jewelery you like on our website, add it to your favorites (the system accepts a maximum of 6 pieces) and then send to us the automatic letter of the contracting authority, which you will reach in the favorites menu.

Our colleagues will typically send you offers for the selected jewelry within a day, which are calculated for average finger sizes in the case of rings.

Karikagyűrű árajánlat kérés

Quotation request – desktop view

Árajánlat kérés - mobil nézet

Quotation request – mobile view

2. Ordering the jewelry

If you like our offers and you decide that you want to order one of our jewelry, you can let us know by replying to our letter, or of course by phone.

3. Clarification about order

Our colleague will compile an e-mail for you with the details of your order and the deposite amount and the technical parameters about your transfer.

4. Determining the dimensions of the rings

In the case of rings, if we do not have information about the finger sizes, then we can check it this after ordering too. Upon receipt of the booking, we will mail you a ring size line, if necessary, to help determine the exact finger sizes.
Of course, if the differences compared to the average sizes are large, we will adjust the material requirements in the offer both upwards and downwards if necessary.

Gyűrűmérő sor küldése

We provide a reply envelope with the ring size line sent in this way, with which you can return it to us by post free of charge. If you want to keep this for a new order later, there is no obstacle to this, we will charge the final price of the jewelry to be made, which is only 3000 HUF.

5. Starting making jewelry

After receiving the deposit and the exact finger size, our workshop will start making your jewelry. From this point on, we calculate the current commitment deadline set by us, which we hold in each case.

6. Shipping the finished jewelry

We will notify you when the jewelry is ready and also about the remaining amount. We will inform you as soon as we recieve the transferred amount. The finished jewelry is delivered by Fedex, also includes the maximum insurance that can be requested.

Design and order custom jewelry

We also try to satisfy individual needs without a personal meeting, by online consultation. If you want a piece of jewelry that you can only find approximately on the offer of our website, or you want to order it with a possible modification, or even have a completely unique idea, we have a solution for all of them.

After gathering information, we will design and then, depending on the nature of the jewelry to be designed, we will present you hand-drawn or photographic or 3D designs. Reconciliation of details can be created on many online platforms in the same way as a personal meeting in our jewelery, date reconciliation is of course necessary in this case as well.