Moissanite ring – the affordable „diamond” ring

Henri Moissan

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Moissanite is naturally occurring crystalline silicon carbide, one of the rarest naturally occurring minerals. Found exclusively within meteorites, our current knowledge of it states that it does not form under Earthly conditions; in fact, it was diagnosed to appear only outside of our Solar System.

Henri Moissan, Nobel prize winning french chemist discovered it while studying a meteorite in 1893. Due to its properties: hardness, heat conductivity and color all greatly resemble that of diamonds, the end period of the 1800s saw the beginning of experiments to produce it in a laboratory environment.

Alas, artificial „growth” of it had to wait for nearly a century more. Only by the start of the 1990s did an American company by the name Charles & Colvard find the perfect technology, and they patented the method of producing moissanite.

The thusly made mineral has been successfully introduced onto the jewelry market by them in 1998, under the trademark names „Forever One”, „Forever Brilliant” and „Forever Classic”. And albeit these patents expired in 2015, Charles & Colvard still hold unquestionable advantage in producing moissanite.

Moissanite quickly managed to garner attention within the jewelry industry, considering it is an excellent alternative to diamond due the much more favorable price, as well as the absence of exploitative mining practices; not to mention a few optical attributes that put it above diamonds.

The fact that professionals can easily tell the difference between it and diamonds, and thus minimize the chance of fraud, is also not to be neglected. Moissanite is made into all the popular diamond shapes during manufacturing.












In the sheet below, we have gathered the most prominent attributes of moissanite, diamond and other first-class jewels, for the sake of better comparison.

In summary we can say that moissanite at least equals diamond as the gem of any jewelry; it is also not to be neglected that especially large pieces above 1 carat are priced the fraction of diamonds, and its diffraction is magnificent.

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