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Uniquely designed, handmade engagement rings, wedding rings and different pieces of jewellery for every occasion on our website. The products showcased here are but an appetizer from what we have to offer.

Wedding ring

Unique wedding ring and wedding band specialities handmade, using differently coloured gold alloys, brilliants and other precious stones. Wedding rings

Engagement ring

Personally designed, uniquely handmade, decorated with diamonds and others; special, golden engagement rings, so-called escorting rings. Engagement rings

Wedding band

Jegygyűrű, jegygyűrűk

Under the category of ‘wedding bands’, you can check out differently styled wedding rings, all of which we categorized by their most apparent attributes. Wedding bands

Men's jewelry

Elegant, golden handcrafted jewellery for men: cuffs, tie pins, rings, all made specifically to fit the needs of our customers. Men’s jewelry

Value for the Lifetime

A piece of jewellery is a decorative item, made of precious metals, representing great financial and goodwill value. It symbolizes and conducts emotions.
It is one of our dearest personal belongings, and thus signs adherence. It can even become such item that we always wear as an amulet or talisman granting it spiritual importance even, that protects us from illness or gives us luck.

In the history of mankind, countless exotic pieces of jewelry were endowed with mystery. They were causes of wars and alliances alike. They were desired by all at the time, since owning them was a rare privilege.

Our own, most precious jewellery pieces can become family heirlooms as well over the years. They can provide happiness to our descendants throughout the ages. The most enduring of all gems that can decorate such item is the diamond. Due to its indestructibility, it can survive the jewellery itself. After many decades, it can still be put into another piece, fusing its old attributes with the new.

Our favourite engagement and wedding rings.

Like for other creative artists we have our favourite works, tasks that are closer to our hearts. A well-calculated proportion, a harmonic material selection, a special form can brighten our days even our weeks. Usually, we are most proud of our latest designed and made jewels, engagement or wedding rings. Naturally, there are favourite models created years ago that delighted many clients. This elegant looking wedding ring is a member of our new collection. We decorated it with white ceramic filler, hand-made engraving and small, fine diamonds.

Botticelli - Wedding ring

Botticelli - karikagyűrű

This elegant looking wedding ring pair is a member of our new collection. It is decroated with white ceramic filling, manual engraving and small diamonds. Botticelli Wedding Ring

Barocco Bold no6 - Wedding ring

Barocco Bold no6 - Karikagyűrű

The Barocco collection won the ‘Masterpiece of Hungarian Craft’ prize in 2013. The pieces are decorated with fine hand-made engraving. Barocco Bold no6 – Wedding ring

Brillance - Wedding ring

Brillance karikagyűrű

This pair of wedding ring shows nicely, that a modestly decorated ring for men how harmonically fit the richly decorated diamond ring for women. Brillance – Wedding ring

Shineway no2 - Wedding ring

Sail no2 - Karikagyűrű

The diamond has been the most important symbol of eternal love since mankind has been able to fashion it.
Shineway no2 – Wedding ring

Kelengye Variáció - Engagement ring

Kelengye variáció - eljegyzési gyűrű

When designing engagement rings, we often get inspired by nature, especially by flowers. With this beautiful engagement ring the tulip gave the inspiration. Kelengye Variáció – Engagement ring

Heartist - Engagement ring

Heartist - Eljegyzési gyűrű

Only the heart shape can keep up with the compteition of other beautiful motifs. According to our beliefs, it will never go out of stlye. Heartist – Engagement ring


By tradition, a wedding ring was a circular shaped pair of rings, function of which everyone is well aware of.

Wedding rings of our time show more distinctive shapes and forms, and thus their name is a mere indication of their purpose.

On the photos of our gallery you can browse through such well-designed, fabulous pairs of rings. Have a pleasant browsing!


Dove karikagyűrű


…but we could call this group of rings escort rings as well, since in earlier times, a gifting method included the bride receiving them along the wedding ring.

Nowadays, it is the most exciting of duties for the groom to get hold of this ring in secret, so that their reward will be a heavenly YES at the altar.

We offer delicately arched, feminine, graceful topics to the dear grooms here. Have a pleasant browsing!


eljegyzési gyűrű


All creative spirits want to express their own piece of mind
towards the world in the way of their own trade.

For us, this trade is jewelcrafting. To put it another way,
here, every thought, feeling, or slight momentum becomes
jewellery later on.

We hope that we can make a lot of our customers happy
with our creative ambitions, and that we can share
this delight as well.

Have a pleasant browsing through our works!


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