Handcrafted and Unique Wedding rings, Engagement rings by Affianced Fine Jewellery

Uniquely designed, handmade engagement rings, wedding rings and different pieces of jewellery for every occasion on our website. The products showcased here are but an appetizer from what we have to offer.

Wedding ring

Unique wedding ring and wedding band specialities handmade, using differently coloured gold alloys, brilliants and other precious stones. Wedding rings

Engagement ring

Personally designed, uniquely handmade, decorated with diamonds and others; special, golden engagement rings, so-called escorting rings. Engagement rings

Wedding band

Jegygyűrű, jegygyűrűk

Under the category of ‘wedding bands’, you can check out differently styled wedding rings, all of which we categorized by their most apparent attributes. Wedding bands

Men's jewelry

Elegant, golden handcrafted jewellery for men: cuffs, tie pins, rings, all made specifically to fit the needs of our customers. Men’s jewelry