• Kackiás - arany nyakék gyöngysorral
  • Eljegyzési gyűrű csomagolás
  • Kackiás - arany nyakék gyöngysorral
  • Eljegyzési gyűrű csomagolás

Kackiás – Pendant with pearl necklace

White and rose gold pendant with handmade engraving and a pearl and pearl necklace.

White and rose gold 14K: 8,9 g
Pearl necklace size: 46 cm
The proper size necklace, with fees of 10 000 HUF.
In this regard, please contact us!

old price: 457 490 Ft
SALE PRICE: 411 741 Ft

Angyalfia Jewellery collection

Those looking for items of a lower price range do check out the pieces of our Angyalfia Silver Jewellery Collection; switchable colored items being perfect fits for any apparel and occasion.

Pieces of the collection show motifs of Hungarian traditional folk art presented in a modern way – and thus we recommend these to those dear guests who like traditional elements, but don’t shy away from a more timely appearance.


Kalocsa № 2 – Change color pendant set
Torockó № 1 – Change color pendant set

We advise thinking about this sale for those guests who’d like to gift or engage their loved ones on a short notice, using a special item. We keep a few ready-made pieces of jewellery, and from these we recently made a catalogue, giving remarkable price drops for those visiting our store!