Allow us to recommend you taking a look at a few websites.

The goal of our collection is to help you with the preparations of the wedding by giving you a hand in finding the most high-standard creators. They all have dedicated themselves to quality and maximalism; we wholeheartedly recommend them to you!

E-virágok - Beautiful flower creations

Our favorite flower artist is:

Dream Wedding - Weddings planning

The perfect Weddings planning: Andrea Vágvölgyi:

Schöff Shoes - Design shoeses for All Occasions

The elegant, feminine shoes and boots of Móni Schöff do not lack peculiarity:

Soundbar Studio - Sound Design

Balázs Igaz, composer of our website distributes his work here:

Tamás Váradi - Wedding Photography

Tamás Váradi is the inimitable photographer of weddings. Let the photos say the rest :

Handmade wood boxes

Decorative packing from the workshop of Nagy Bertalan, master carpenter: