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Wedding ring

Arany karikagyűrű

Pairs of wedding rings for all kinds of different tastes, made of gold alloys of multifarious colour combinations, decorated with brilliants and the like. Wedding rings

Engagement ring

Eljegyzési gyűrű

Engagement rings made of the same varied gold alloys, decorated with diamonds and other precious stones: sapphires, pearls, topazes and more. Engagement rings

Diamond ring

Gyémánr gyűrű

Engagement rings decorated with many shapes of diamonds.
Breathtaking, hand-crafted golden engagement and wedding rings.

Diamond ring


Festive jewelry

Specifically formed, special jewellery made of exciting combinations; medallions, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, whole collections, jewellery for men. Festive jewellery

This is how a pair of wedding rings is created
In this little video you can see how delicately we craft our gorgeous wedding rings.

Value for a

Richly designed wedding and festive jewellery, wedding rings, brilliant engagement rings and other specialized pieces of jewellery done by high standards – these are the trademarks of our shop.
Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers with products that are not only fitting the highest of standards in their way of design, but in their ideal function and professional result.
This trinity of pillars and abiding them makes it possible for both different, elegant jewellery compositions made for social events and products worn in everyday life – wedding rings or engagement rings – to fulfil their function properly and without fail.








Eljegyzés jegygyűrűvel







Wedding rings, engagement rings – trends and tradition

Picking the wedding ring is a very exciting task, which- according to our experience- can help couples to get to know each others’ tastes and improve their ability to compromise. Engagement rings bear a symbolic meaning, that not only stand for the unity of men and women and their endless love but their style as well. The wedding ring trends have changed a lot in the last couple of decades and they are constantly changing and improving nowadays as well. Until the 1980’s, mostly the simple, round, yellow gold wedding rings were popular. Today, only the sky is the limit in creating different coloured gold alloy engagement rings with diamonds or other gem stones.

Eljegyzési gyűrű - eljegyzés







Wedding rings that are made of different coloured alloys, with matte and shiny surfaces are very usual. It is absolutely common to pick rings with numerous diamonds for the ladies but sometimes men like precious stones in their rings as well.

Nowadays, white gold wedding rings are the most popular to wear, but many couples choose rosé or yellow gold decorations alongside the white gold wedding rings. The engagement rings’ fashion changed similarly as it did with wedding rings. Although, the design of these jewels follow the traditional forms. The reason for this might be, that wearing an engagement ring is a much older tradition.

Wedding rings in the Christian tradition became popular from the 1300’s, while the engagement rings were in fashion decades earlier. These rings containing a central gem stone- usually diamonds- are the solitaire rings. Nowadays, the build-up and proportions remained the same for this type of jewellery, although little decorating gemstones became popular.

Naturally, those engagement rings that are absolutely different from the usual form are very popular as well. They grant a modern look for the wearer.

Our favourite engagement and wedding rings.

Like for other creative artists we have our favourite works, tasks that are closer to our hearts. A well-calculated proportion, a harmonic material selection, a special form can brighten our days even our weeks. Usually, we are most proud of our latest designed and made jewels, engagement or wedding rings. Naturally, there are favourite models created years ago that delighted many clients. This elegant looking wedding ring is a member of our new collection. We decorated it with white ceramic filler, hand-made engraving and small, fine diamonds.

Botticelli - Wedding ring

Botticelli - karikagyűrű

This elegant looking wedding ring pair is a member of our new collection. It is decroated with white ceramic filling, manual engraving and small diamonds. Botticelli Wedding Ring

Barocco Bold no6 - Wedding ring

Barocco Bold no6 - Karikagyűrű

The Barocco collection won the ‘Masterpiece of Hungarian Craft’ prize in 2013. The pieces are decorated with fine hand-made engraving. Barocco Bold no6 – Wedding ring

Brillance - Wedding ring

Brillance karikagyűrű

This pair of wedding ring shows nicely, that a modestly decorated ring for men how harmonically fit the richly decorated diamond ring for women. Brillance – Wedding ring

Shineway no2 - Wedding ring

Sail no2 - Karikagyűrű

The diamond has been the most important symbol of eternal love since mankind has been able to fashion it.
Shineway no2 – Wedding ring

Kelengye Variáció - Engagement ring

Kelengye variáció - eljegyzési gyűrű

When designing engagement rings, we often get inspired by nature, especially by flowers. With this beautiful engagement ring the tulip gave the inspiration. Kelengye Variáció – Engagement ring

Heartist - Engagement ring

Heartist - Eljegyzési gyűrű

Only the heart shape can keep up with the compteition of other beautiful motifs. According to our beliefs, it will never go out of stlye. Heartist – Engagement ring

The works of Affianced Jewellery

We have to put everything into it, so the best results can be given to our customers offering them both comfort and happiness.

In the means of designing, our master goldsmith colleagues make the chosen or desired jewellery with great precision and qualified professional work. Also, apart from the traditional crafting techniques, our jewellery makes use of the most modern, computer-controlled technologies as well. Our offers and models are being shown with constantly updated styles and methods. Being a goldsmith makes a professional eager to learn more and more, constantly.

Looking for new ways and new solutions is part of our work. Making a new and exciting design into reality provides equally exciting challenges, giving us more experience, and a chance to advance even further.

The members of our jewellery have chosen this wonderful and thrilling path, which is paved with hardships that tests ones endurance. We hope that the fruits of our labour will bring joy into the hearts of many young couples, bride and groom, and also that they will brighten up marriages, parties, social events and last but not least, the usual days.

(Mirtusz collection,
modell: Amina Malakona)